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Public Opinion Polls

Public opinion polls are trends and views expressed by general public who are state residents.

Public opinion polls

Public opinion polls are trends and views expressed by general public who are state residents or within the geographical scope of concern on public policy issues and the state management of the and include issues related to the political aspects, economic, social, cultural or environmental.

Public opinion polls plays an important role in providing information that helps to establish a solid base societal dialogue based on evidence and then make decisions objectively away from personal passions and individual convictions. The urgent need for public opinion polls in Egypt had emerged after the January revolution as a result of various debates on different levels especially media with lack of the participants knowledge in the discussions about any information on Egyptian vision of the situation and their attitudes and preferences.

Baseera had been marked by pre-election polls (Pre-Election Poll) , polls after voting Exit Polls. In addition to the monthly president approval tracker, Cabinet and Prime Minister’s approval rate tracker and the poll on topics of interest.

President approval tracker:

polls to measure the satisfaction with the performance of the President. This measurement is based on a direct question to a sample of citizens about whether they agree or disagree with the President's performance, and results come in the form of a percentage reflecting the slides of different answers (very agree / agree / disagree / disagree at all / Do not know).

Baseera is characterized with the annual president approval tracker since 2012, the start of the assess the performance of President Mohamed Morsi and interim President Adly Mansour, the President Abdel Fattah Sisi, and likewise to measure satisfaction with the Prime Minister and the performance of the government and parliament.

External relations Polls:

polls to gauge citizens' attitudes in a certain country with respect to other countries. Also carried out to know the opinion of the citizens towards policies and events with an international dimension or regional. Baseera surveys included the Egyptian extent of interest with presidents foreign policy their visits to various countries and their speeches. For example, Baseera conducted a poll on Morsi and Sisi visits outside, air strikes in Libya, participation in the Houthis war in Yemen and other events affecting the regional and international affairs. Also Baseera focused on assessing the activities carried out by the Egyptian presidents during their visits such as letters or figures.

Surveys attitudes towards the legislation:

Public opinion polls to identify citizens trends regarding legislation amendments, including the proposed amendments to constitutions or laws, such as the survey on the committee assigned to the fifty-drafted constitution, and some of the articles and related issues in 2013.

Surveys for internal affairs:

Many of the institutions intended to employ public opinion polls to identify the level of satisfaction with services and one of the important aspects associated with this type of surveys is the inverse relationship between the level of satisfaction and expectations, where satisfaction is sometimes high due to the modest citizen expectations and not because of the high quality of service provided as well as the internal poll for important events such as the Suez Canal project Baseera conducted a survey about her expectations of the project, or the economic conference, terrorist events, and other issues.

Polls prevailing in the communities values:

public opinion polls to learn about prevailing in the communities values including social values, the values of citizenship, the concept of social justice, the trend toward minorities, women's empowerment, immigration, as well as the way the Egyptians and the various preferences such as reconnaissance thinking about related preferences marriage, food, places, way and other leisure time.