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Market Research

Baseera offers private business owners the marketing studies Service, to support them with data and information.

Baseera offers private business owners the marketing studies Service, to support them with data and information that enables them to make the proper decision in their work.

Marketing Investigation enables the client to know the effectiveness of a media campaign by conducting a poll before the advertising campaign to find out the awareness level of the product or service. Also, measure the impact of the advertising campaign work survey by conducting a poll after the media campaign, .so to do or change in the quality of service or product or the impact of competitors' policies market allowing private employers make proper decisions.

Also we can identify through marketing investigations your customer characteristics for your service or product: (such as age, economic, educational, and related income and wealth characteristics and geographic location ).

Baseera has a group of specialists in market studies and marketing queries who are able to identify and understand your needs and they will design the form to be used in data collection, conducted by a group of researchers specialized in the polls.

Baseera has an extensive experience in this field, the Centre had asked more than 5,000 questions for more than a quarter-million Egyptians to help the 53 Egyptian and international institution to take the proper decision based scientific studies.

Baseera is characterized on its formative methodology:

Address the selection criteria in a scientific manner, the questionnaires preparation method and the formulation of the questions in a scientific way.

Baseera depends on updated data bases that contains important information about the Egyptian consumer, including all characteristics that may be interesting for an employer.

Baseera has a dedicated team of experts and researchers in the field of marketing studies, which enables them to provide outstanding service to help encounter the proper decision.